Vigo, 24 / MARCH / 2020

The 26.000 professionals from the sea-industry complex, represented by ANFACO-CECOPESCA, mostly women, continue working day by day with maximum commitment to continue supplying spanish stocks with quality, nutritious and adapted fish products to an exceptional situation as the current one.

The centuries-old factories remember similar, hard and uncertain times, in which the effort and tenacity to continue were the guarantee of their survival, thanks to the confidence in their good work.

Canned, semi-preserved and frozen food, cod and salted fish, cookers, scrubbers, ready meals, etc, are produced continuously for to be necessary products in a balance diet and for transmit memories of freshness and sea to the consumer, alleviating the psychological burden of the state of alarm.

It is a source of pride to dedicate from ANFACO-CECOPESCA the support of this activity, wich in turn helps as a solution for producers with the aim that fishermen, shellfish and mussels workers can mantain their economic activity and reduce the social-economic impact of the entire productive chain.

Rest assured that spanish fishery products has international recognition for their commitment to continous improvement and innovation, inviting you to a select and purchase them as a sign of support for ours, that in which Spain is a global leader, the manufacturing industry of seafood.

We are convinced that united, will be able to preserve what matters most.